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Beta testing is the last stage of development for a software product, like ScriptureMark, where the public has the opportunity to test the product for quality assurance purposes. The feedback we receive from you, the beta testers, is critical to the success of the official release. We consider you an important part of the “Blue Letter Bible team,” and appreciate your time and feedback.

  • Is beta the PLUS version?

    Beta testers can use the ScriptureMark PLUS version for free during the beta testing period. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to let you know when beta testing will be ending.

  • How do I submit feedback if I notice an error?

    ScriptureMark offers a button for feedback on the top right corner of your screen, which reads "Beta." Click or tap the "Beta" button, and follow the directions. This will help us gather critical information related to your problem, canvas, and operating system.

  • Can I suggest new features?

    Absolutely. However, our top priority right now is maintaining the stability of current features. We appreciate your prayers for the ScriptureMark launch, which with enough subscriptions, could support further development, including more cool features and mobile apps.